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For Artists

We’re on the hunt for creators from Melbourne’s distinctive music community to participate in the inaugural Music Video Blind Date competition. 

Submit your track to have it listed here: local filmmakers, designers and content creators can interact with the playlist to select a song to develop a brand new music videos for. The videos are premiered in cinema at the 2022 edition of Fantastic Film Festival Australia: filmmakers and musicians come together to watch the clip for the very first time on the big screen.

If this sounds like something your music act is interested in we’d love to hear from you — email Zac with the following details:
A high-quality WAV file of 1-2 songs (recorded or released in the last 4 years) that don't have their own music video.
A short artist biography

Once received, your track/s will be listed on our Soundcloud profile, allowing prospective filmmakers the opportunity to stream and review them. A limited number of filmmakers can select each track; and the original music video projects will premiere in-cinema at Fantastic Film Festival Australia in April 2022. If your song is chosen, you'll leave the project with a new music video and set of talented filmmaker collaborators!

The low-down:

What's the vision behind the event?
It’s been a devastating few years for the local independent film and music scenes of Melbourne; there's an incredible amount of talent, enthusiasm and passion just waiting to spring back to life. FFFA is an event of unique artistic voices and we felt there was an opportunity to bring together the film and music mediums to celebrate the creative diversity of our community. But also where else can you see music videos in a cinema?! 

Who will own the music video?
You will retain full rights to your music. You can negotiate the public release of the music video with the filmmaker after the festival screening. 

Do I have any creative control over the music video ?
You can nominate if you and your band would like to make an appearance in the music video. But the idea is to embrace the creative interpretation of your work by the filmmakers!

Does it cost to enter?
No, you just have to supply the music.

Will all music videos be screened?
We will strive to screen all videos submitted in the cinema during the festival. However this may depend on the amount of videos submitted.  

What’s in it for me?
Alongside a brand new original music video, your band will additionally be promoted across all marketing collateral related to the initiative and live event. Our special event screening at the 2022 edition of Fantastic Film Festival Australia will provide a fantastic opportunity to network with filmmakers and other members of the Melbourne music community. 

What’s in it for the filmmakers?
Alongside prizes on offer for filmmakers, Music Video Blind Date offers a unique opportunity for creators to work with music and artists they love, and contribute to Melbourne's very specials arts environment. 

What if multiple filmmakers want to create a video for my track?
There will be a cap for 2 filmmakers that can select each track, if this is reached then allocation is exhausted.

What if I don’t like the music video? 
No pressure; you can follow up on the music video as much or a little as you like. If you don’t want it linked to your band/music, it will not screen outside of the festival.

Where and when will the inaugural in-cinema event be held?
The event will be held as part of the 2022 edition of Fantastic Film Festival Australia in April 2022 at Lido Cinemas, Hawthorn. 

Can I see the completed work before the screening?
No - that's part of the beauty of it! 

Reach out to us at Zac@fantasticfilmfestival.com.au

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