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For Filmmakers

We’re on the hunt for collaborators from our local filmmaking community to participate in our inaugural Music Video Blind Date competition. No matter your level of experience, we want to hear from you! 

How do I enter? 

  1. Listen to the artists - and their tracks - that are available for collaboration. Note that a few unreleased tracks are listed with only a 30s snippet - we can provide you with the full song upon request. 
  2. Get in touch! Email Zac to express your interest in the track that takes your fancy: if it's available, you'll receive a link to to the high quality download. Please provide us with the following details:
    The title of your selected track
    Your name and contact details (including home city)
  3. Go forth and make some movie magic!
  4. When your music video is complete, send it our way through FilmFreeway                         
  5. Join us in-cinema at Fantastic Film Festival Australia in 2022 for the premiere screening of your clip, with the band and a packed crowd! There'll also be a selection of great prizes up for grabs on the night including a cinema gold pass, and a private cinema screening for you and your friends. 

The low-down:

What's the vision behind the event?
It’s been a devastating few years for the local independent film and music scenes of Melbourne; there's an incredible amount of talent, enthusiasm and passion just waiting to spring back to life! FFFA is an event of unique artistic voices and we felt there was an opportunity to bring together the film and music mediums to celebrate the creative diversity of our community. 

Does it cost to participate?
It costs just $2 to enter your film! 

When do submissions close?
March 11 2022. 

Will all music videos be screened?
We will strive to screen all videos submitted across the festival; the final screening schedule will be dependent on the number of submissions received. 

What level of experience do I need to enter?
The event is open to filmmakers of all levels: we want the most passionate, creative, unique and expressive work you can muster. We’re here to celebrate those at the top of their game alongside those who are up-and-coming in the filmmaking world. 

What’s in it for the filmmakers?
Alongside prizes on offer for filmmakers who make the best music videos, Music Video Blind Date offers a unique experience to work with artists you love, and an opportunity to contribute to Melbourne's very special arts scene. 

What’s in it for the artists?
Alongside a brand new original music video, bands will additionally be promoted across all marketing collateral related to the initiative and live event.

What can I win?
Prizes include a cinema gold pass, VIP festival passes and private cinema hire for you and your friends! Plus more prices will be announced in the coming months. 

Can I make more than one music video?
Yes! You're welcome make more if songs remain available. 

Can the video be released publicly?
After the festival screening you’ll need to connect with the artists to confirm if they are comfortable with a public release of the music video.

Where and when will the inaugural in-cinema event be held?
The event will be held as part of the 2022 edition of Fantastic Film Festival Australia in April 2022 at Lido Cinemas, Hawthorn. 

Does the band have any creative control?
Some band members may ask to appear in the video, while others may have socio-cultural contexts to be aware of. But the idea is for the filmmaker to have creative freedom to interpret the music how they see it. 

Will the band see the completed work before the screening?
No - that's part of the beauty of the collaboration!

Who will own the music video?
The band will retain full rights to their music. You can negotiate the public release of the music video with the band after the festival screening. 

Reach out to Zac


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