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FFFA Short Films

FFFA Short Films

Enjoy our curated selection of short films which screen before selected features across the festival. 

In the Soil

Denmark, 2021, 14 minutes
Director: Casper Kjeldsen
Language: Danish (English subtitles)

When Karoline’s father, Kjed, starts digging deep into the garden, a sinister air drifts over the lush Danish countryside. The days turn for the worse as the pit becomes a grave and their relationship begins to wear. The grave on their families land grips tighter, pulling Kjed deeper.
Screens with What Josiah Saw.


Canada, Hong Kong, 2021, 3 minutes
Director: Ivan Li
* Warning: Epilepsy triggers (flashing lights) & graphic content *

Peel back the skin and look at fruit differently: this is fruit-core at its most oiled.
Screens with New York Ninja.

Immaculate Virtual 

Canada, Germany, 2021, 9 minutes
Director: Ryley O'Byrne
Language: English

Contemplate the nature of reality, intimacy, and loss in the complicated space where technology and humanity blend.
Screens with Absolute Denial.

It's Alright (Viskas gerai)

Lithuania, 2020, 17 minutes
Director: Jorūnė Greičiūtė
Language: Lithuanian

Two middle aged people embark on a date to a secluded, romantic river, the perfect place to connect.
Screens with All My Friends Hate Me.

Let’s Fall in Love

China, 2021, 5 minutes
Director: Zhou Shengwei

Isolation and loneliness as shown through stop-motion clothing. The lo-fi return from S-He (FFFA 2019) director Zhou Shengwei questions what it means to be alone and what happens when noone is looking.
Screens with Good Madam.

Macho Carne

Brazil, 2021, 14 minutes
Director: George Pedrosa
Language: English

Sweat, tongues and flesh combine vintage porno sheen with body horrors lust in a unapologetic lyric on queer masculinity, fetashism and connection.
Screens with Ultrasound.

Once Familiar

United Kingdom, 2020, 11 minutes
Director: Rubén González
* Warning: Epilepsy triggers *

Waking up in the forest, a girl begins to follows visions and flashes, all too familiar but vividly disturbed. Screens with The Northman

Which is Witch?

France, 2020, 6 minutes
Director: Marie Losier
Language: French (English subtitles)

Frozen since the beginning of time, Louis II Bavaria is found by three sister witches, unravelling the mysteries of the past in this surrealist fairy tale, of colour, striking costumes and dance.
Screens with After Blue.

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