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Music Video Blind Date - Music Video Premiere Screening

Music Video Blind Date - Music Video Premiere Screening

Music Video Blind Date is a collaborative initiative connecting the best of Melbourne’s music scene with its premiere filmmaking talent. We've invited Melbourne’s best musicians to submit their music, then asked the local filmmaking community to flex their creative muscles, by producing an original music video for their favourite bands.

Music Video Blind Date presents a premiere screening of all 11 music video blind date submissions with filmmakers, artists, friends and music video enthusiasts invited to celebrate their work on the big screen. With prizes up for grabs, a live performance from Blind Date artist Quell and a cinema filled with some of Melbourne’s most creative minds, it’s going to be wild night of music video magic.

In collaboration with: 

Filmmakers: Manou Staedel-Arnould, Lucy Davidson, Aleks Vujicic, Jordan Hanrahan, Sarah Menegon, Grace Pennant, Tim Williams, Xavier Brydges, Victor Moore, Ewen Lacey, Emily Nicholson, Megan Nicholson, Kate Binning, Jessica Rae, Robert Spence, Lachlan Wyness.

Musicians: 00_, A.Girl, Beans, Blonde Revolver, Delivery, Easy Browns, Ecosystem, Hooper Crescent, House Deposit, Jungle Breed, Matt Paine, Mindy Meng Wang, Mindy Meng Wang and Fia Fell, Pinch Points, Plastic, Quell, Rhysics, The Rookies, Shove, Slush, Sunfruits, Winter McQuinn, unknown artist.

Thanks to our friends at Revelation Film Festival.

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