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Patrick - Nude screening

Patrick - Nude screening

Strip bare (or to undies) for this special event nude screening of Patrick. Set in a nudist colony, this Shakespearean tragi-comedy is riddled with intrigue, deceit and self-discovery.

Playing in addition to regular, clothed screenings of Patrick, these nude sessions give bold audiences a unique opportunity to engage in the unclothed spirit of the film. 

We want this nude screening to be fun and safe for everyone, and ask all patrons to adhere to our guidelines for the event:

No photography
Respect other patrons' personal space – antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated
Restricted to patrons aged 18+
Please bring a towel to sit on
Please arrive to the venue fully clothed - you'll be able to disrobe within the confines of the cinema
Clothing is required should you wish to leave the cinema for candy bar items or the bathroom
Staff members will be available for assistance and questions at the screenings 

If you'd prefer to view Patrick fully clothed, we're running simultaneous regular sessions in both Melbourne and Sydney. 

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