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Short Films

Short Films

Black Forest Sanatorium

Starving for companionship, Quinn pursues an unorthodox approach to resolving her intense loneliness.

Screens with The Old Man Movie

Conversations with a Monkey

Struggling film director Juan Siegman hits a mental block while writing his new sci-fi film. He decides to enlist the help of an artificial intelligent robot who learns from his mistakes. The robot, named Ian, begins to give Juan advice on filmmaking, structure and the world outside the film.

Screens with A Glitch in the Matrix


Bringing a demon of Basque legend to the screen, Paul Urkijo Alijo presents a visually stunning horror about a monster that feeds on fingers. The silent horror short asks questions of family and identity as it explores our common fear of the demons in the corner of the room.

Screens with Prisoners of the Ghostland

El Triste

El Triste, a poorly crafted marionette, is going through an existential crisis and decides to do all it takes to prove to himself and his fellow puppets that he is valuable. But not everything turns out the way he expected.

Screens with Patrick

Progressive Touch

Sex in all its silliness, absurdity and hilarity. The multi-talented Michael Portnoy brings sex to the screen with an irregular beat, choreographed with dance and music to create a harmony between love, sex and humanity.

Screens with PVT Chat

A Tale Best Forgotten

Through the reflection in a river, a father, his daughter and a dog-headed man are confronted with murder. Helen Adam’s poem comes alive as the tale of murder vividly unfolds onscreen.

Screens with Laughter