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Homewrecker With director Q&A


Saint Maud The unholy new horror film from indie darlings A24

Saint Maud

Mutant Blast A crazy new Troma delight!

Mutant Blast

Sons of Steel Australia's best post-apocalyptic heavy metal action sci-fi

Sons of Steel

A home for mind-breakers, trend-setters, razor-walkers, loose-wires, truth-talkers, trailblazers and envelope-pushers, Fantastic Film Festival Australia is now on at Lido Cinemas (VIC) and Ritz Cinemas (NSW)!


All tickets are now on sale!


Saint Maud is the unholy new film from indie studio A24. Offering a chilling vision of faith, madness and salvation in a fallen world, this psychological horror announces the directorial debut of Rose Glass. FFFA presents Q&A screenings.  

Celebrating 30 years since its release, Australian sci-fi metal-musical Sons of Steel returns to the big screen. Join director Gary Keady with cast and crew for a post-screening Q&A at Ritz Cinemas, Randwick.

Bringing the madness to a close will be mind-frying closing night film, Mutant Blast, from legendary off-the-rails horror studio Troma

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