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About FFFA

A home for mind-breakers, trend-setters, razor-walkers, loose-wires, truth-talkers, trailblazers and envelope-pushers, Fantastic Film Festival Australia returns to Lido Cinemas (VIC) and Ritz Cinemas (NSW) from April 1 - 14, 2021. 

Genre cinema has a unique ability to act as a monument; marking the social, cultural and political climate within which it exists. It has the power to conjure truth that is raw; truth that gets under our skin.

As we take a step into a new decade, we can look to those on the fringes to call out our bullshit, kill our darlings and question our reality. Without spoiling some of the exciting revelations and twists the program has to offer, I can assure you that there is not only something for everyone, but also something just for you.

Enjoy the festival, keep taking risks, and for all you mind-breakers, trendsetters, razor-walkers, loose wires, truth-talkers, trailblazers and envelope-pushers, I hope you find a new home at FFFA.

Hudson Sowada
Festival Director