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A Glitch in The Matrix

A Glitch in The Matrix

Are we living in a simulation? Is the world around us fabricated? Where does virtual reality stop and the real world begin? These questions, consolidated through simulation theory, have existed on the fringes of popular culture and have been building momentum for years. From Plato’s cave to Elon Musk's Twitter feed, the film is a staggering synthesis of perspectives that capture a poignant 21st century existential crisis.

As demonstrated in his previous film, Room 237, acclaimed director Rodney Ascher is no stranger to left-field ideas. He uses voices on the fringes to uncover deeply human anxieties, drawing on a variety of sources from conspiracy theorists to scientists and philosophers, to craft a conceptual, considered and sensitive trip down the rabbit-hole.

Screens with Conversations With A Monkey

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    Rodney Ascher

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