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Witness the cinematic world of provocateurs and IRL brother and sister duo Betsey Brown (The Scary of Sixty-First) and FFFA alumni Peter Vack (PVT Chat) in our double-feature screening of Assholes and Actors. Two of the most transgressive contemporary American filmmakers, Brown and Vack’s work is deeply demented, highly volatile and absolutely hysterical. The double-feature captures a demented timeline of their relationship as reality and satire become impossible to distinguish. The duo exchange any scene of ‘taste’ for pure cinematic pandemonium… and the results are glorious.

In this semi-autobiographical, semi-sequel to Assholes, Betsey Brown desperately searches for a creative voice and sense of place in her acting career. Peter Vack, narcissistically striving for his next career move, fabricates a trans identity after feeling his relevance as a male actor fade away. Horrified by Peter’s actions, Betsey falls down a manic spiral as the twisted sibling rivalry rips through both of their lives.

Taking aim at cisgender assumptions, entitlement and fragmenting perceptions, this disturbed family affair cements Brown as one of the most exciting and provocative talents in the independent film scene.

Encore screening on Monday 9th May. 

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    United States

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    Betsey Brown

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