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In the backroom of an unassuming convent, young sister Agnes explodes in a fit of rage and blasphemy. Fear of demonic possession ripples through the clergy as the Church sends for a veteran priest and his protégé to investigate the incident. It’s clear this inquiry isn’t quite as it appears as the Church's ulterior motives begin to surface. Meanwhile, the budding priest takes a shine to the reserved sister Mary, a close friend of Agnes, whose faith is being tested by the harrowing ordeal. As the situation worsens, the congregation must decide how to overcome this primordial evil and cleanse their souls.

Prolific American auteur and FFFA alumni Micky Reece (Climate of the Hunter) returns with his 28th feature and most accomplished project to date. With his signature flair for immaculate composition, extravagant performances and devilish humour, Reece turns genre convention on its head and offers a daring and well-needed reinvention of the exorcism canon.

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  • Country

    United States

  • Director

    Mickey Reece

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