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Come and See (1985)

Come and See (1985)

“I have rarely seen a film more ruthless in its depiction of human evil.” — Roger Ebert

Fear of the void. The dark consciousness of human brutality. Russian filmmaker Elem Klimov presents us this hallucinogenic horror in a newly restored form. The events of 1943, as the Nazis marched through Belerus, are reimagined through the eyes of a naive boy, bewildered by the honour of defending his country. The torture of war seeps into his skin rotting the core of any sense of romanticism in victory, violence or nationalism.

This groundbreaking work is a dizzying achievement in cinematography and sound design,led by a pulsing soundtrack by Oleg Yanchenko. Unrelenting and precise, Come and See is a timeless masterpiece of horror and anti-war cinema.


Audience Rating

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  • Director

    Elem Klimov

  • Language

    Russian, Belarusian, German (English Subtitles)

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