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Dungeons and Dragons One Shot Experience

Dungeons and Dragons One Shot Experience

Hosted by Awakened Fables in Sydney and Dungeon Master for Hire in Melbourne, experts at introducing new heroes to the game and challenging the most seasoned globetrotters. This world-class one-shot D&D experience is open to lone wolves and pack animals, there’s never been a better time to meet new people, start new quests, and join the hype. 

$25 tickets | 150 mins of gameplay.

Open to gamers of all experience levels.

First-timers welcome.

The game will be played in groups of 6, so bring your friends along!

Gameplay will be hosted by experienced Dungeon Masters from Awakened Fables or Dungeon Master for Hire. Hosts will be happy to answer any gameplay questions or queries from participants.

Audience Rating

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  • Runtime

    130 Mins

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