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There’s little that Noah Hazard, a self-proclaimed ‘professional driver’, loves more than his wheels: a pimped-out gold Lexus sporting the custom plate H4Z4RD. When Noah accepts a job from his braindead cousin, a simple drive-and-drop turns into all-out war after they steal an experimental drug from a mysterious sharpshooter. Things go from bad to worse as the cousins face run-ins with grenade-toting teenage hoodlums, determined mall cops and an urban werewolf.  

One part Locke, one part Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, H4Z4RD is an outrageous race against time, and a bona fide cult film in the making.  

Screens with the short film Flappy

  • Rating


  • Country


  • Runtime

    88 Mins

  • Director

    Jonas Govaerts

  • Language

    Dutch (English subtitles)

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