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Holy Shit! (Ach du Scheisse!)

Holy Shit!

Architect Frank is in deep shit... literally. He’s just woken up upside down and impaled on a gnarly metal rod inside an overflowing Portaloo. If that’s not bad enough, he can see that he’s trapped at the bottom of his own excavation site that’s packed with explosives. In the distance, a festive speech announces that the countdown to the demolition has just begun. In one hour, they’ll be able to enjoy the fireworks with a glass of champagne. And who’s Frank to be a party pooper and flush all that down the toilet? 

Equal parts gross-out comedy and survival thriller, and executed with infectious enthusiasm by debut director Lukas Rinker, Holy Shit!  is as ludicrous – and alluring – as a shit-stained 127 Hours.

Audience Rating

  • Rating


  • Country


  • Runtime

    90 Mins

  • Director

    Lukas Rinker

  • Language

    German (English subtitles)

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