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One Percenter

One Percenter

“Pure action filmmaking confidence executed on a level most in the world could only hope to achieve... one of the great action films of 2023.” — Cinapse

Takuma Toshiro is a man with only one goal: the perfection of action film acting. When his samurai-like approach to this holy profession clashes with an industry addicted to wires, CGI and quick edits, Toshiro and his trusty apprentice, Akira, decide to make their dream film themselves. When actual violence finds its way onto their film set in the form of yakuza mobsters looking for a hidden cache of drugs, Toshiro and Akira are suddenly thrust into very real action. Is this the ideal opportunity to take his profession to the next level? As lives are lost and chaos ensues, Toshiro finds that the gap between action film “fantasy” and “reality” isn’t quite what he thought.  

Adrenaline-pumping, pure action filmmaking featuring some of the best martial arts choreography since The Raid (also screening in this year’s FFFA), One Percenter is both an invigorating love letter and five finger punch to a genre in dire need of a fresh vision. 

Fantasia International Film Festival 2023
Fantastic Fest USA 2023
Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival 2023

  • Rating

    Unclassified 18+

  • Country


  • Runtime

    85 Mins

  • Director

    Yûdai Yamaguchi

  • Language

    Japanese (English subtitles)

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