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Prisoners of The Ghostland

Prisoners of The Ghostland

After an explosive premiere at Sundance, FFFA is thrilled to present Prisoners of the Ghostland, directed by renegade Japanese auteur Sion Sono and starring cult favourite actor Nicolas Cage, as our opening night film. 

Held in a jail in the heart of Samurai Town, a fantastical melding of Westworld and Tokyo Disney, shotgun-toting outlaw Hero (Nicolas Cage) is freed after the Governor’s granddaughter goes missing. The only man desperate enough to embark on the rescue mission, Hero battles through the post-apocalyptic world in search of the runaway woman, all the while wearing a leather bodysuit rigged with timed explosives. 

Presenting a wildly entertaining cross-cultural mash-up, the gonzo English language debut of Sion Sono is the inevitable and crazy collaboration we never knew we needed.

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