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Quantum Cowboys

Quantum Cowboys

1870s Wild West. Watched from a cosmic conservatory by a powerful entity and his orange cat, a band of cowboy drifters travel across the Arizona frontier to track down an elusive musician and reclaim land. 

In the first instalment of what is set to be a trilogy, Geoff Marslett’s Quantum Cowboys is a multiverse Western full of philosophical musings about history, art, and human decisions. The unique mixed media feature expertly collages 16mm film, hand drawn animation, paper cut-outs, oil paintings, and CGI and computer painting: each unique visual style tells its own story within the multiverse as we watch two cowboys and their constantly altering realities across desert landscapes. Starring David Arquette and Lily Gladstone, this fresh patchwork animation is trippy, existential, and funny as it takes us through time and space in an inter-dimensional search for redemption. 

  • Rating


  • Country

    United States

  • Runtime

    99 Mins

  • Director

    Geoff Marslett

  • Language


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