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Evelyn, a nurse from the Philippines, moves in to care for Dena, an elderly woman ill with dementia. When Evelyn's nephew, Amos, is forced to come and stay with them, he develops a connection with Dena's enigmatic son. Mysterious forces haunt Dena, and her violent hallucinations begin to hint at a dark secret lurking in the house. As the two broken families find themselves dangerously isolated under one roof, Evelyn uncovers a haunting truth that threatens to resurrect everyone's past traumas.

Desolate south Texas sets the stage for this unique clash of Americana and Filipino heritage. A refreshingly unconventional cast plays out this ghost story and reminds us of the strength within those who society often overlooks.

Audience Rating

  • Rating


  • Country

    United States

  • Director

    Xia Magnus

  • Language

    English, Tagalog (English Subtitles)

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