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Strawberry Mansion

Strawberry Mansion

In the near future, citizens are required to record their dreams for tax purposes. James Preble - a dream auditor - travels to the eccentric home of ageing artist Arabella Isadora to ensure no infringements on intellectual property have been made during her sleep. However, there’s something about her dreams that feels different. As James embarks on a cosmic journey through Arabella's subconscious (all stored on VHS), he discovers a world lost to him, falls in love, and begins to doubt everything he once knew of his reality.  

Shot on video and transferred to 16mm, Strawberry Mansion feels like a lost transmission from an alternate universe.  Beyond its gleefully delirious and increasingly frenzied imagery is a complex love letter to filmmaking, and a heartfelt examination of what lies at the core of creative expression.

Audience Rating

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  • Country

    United States

  • Director

    Kentucker Audley, Albert Birney

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