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Twenty-something Teddy lives in a foster home in a remote village in France. He’s a local trouble-maker stuck working at a massage parlour he hates but can’t afford to leave. His escape is daydreaming about his future with his girlfriend Rebecca, a soon-to-be graduate who is growing more and more distant. One night, Teddy is scratched by a beast in the woods. It’s the wolf that the local farmers have been hunting for months. As days go by, increasingly strange compulsions start to overcome the young man. 

Combining dark humour, teen angst and body horror, Teddy is a superb concoction that cements twin directors Ludovic and Zoran Boukherma as filmmakers to watch, and Anthony Bajon, who plays Teddy, as an incredible rising talent. 

Audience Rating

  • Rating


  • Country


  • Director

    Ludovic & Zoran Boukherma

  • Language

    French (English subtitles)

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