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Text Messages from the Universe

Text Messages from the Universe

What does it feel like to know you are dead? 49 nights in the Bardo. 

The alluring and unsettling images, music, and words of Text Messages from the Universe will transport you through an afterlife encounter. Drawing inspiration from The Tibetan Book of the Dead, reimagined in a cinematic blend of text and dance action, it evokes a dislocated interval of consciousness, an intermediate state, between death and rebirth. A state known as the ‘Bardo’. 

FFFA presents the Sydney premiere of the film as a unique, immersive event. In the classic tradition of live accompaniment of silent films, the poetic ‘text messages’ will be read live by their author and the film’s director, Richard James Allen, offering an interactive, real-time layer adding to the work's already rich conjoining of media.

Tickets include a copy of the book, Text Messages from the Universe, published by Flying Island Books, which will be launched at this event. 

Audience Rating

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  • Runtime

    90 Mins

  • Director

    Richard James Allen

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