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The Childe

The Childe


This twisty thriller...is what might happen if Quentin Tarantino, with a bit of an assist from John Woo, Park Chan-wook’s ‘Old Boy’ and the spirit of Alfred Hitchcock, had directed an episode of ‘Succession.” — Houston Chronicle

In a bid to find money for his mother’s surgery, Marco, an amateur boxer living on the dark, grimy streets of the Philippines, searches for his estranged Korean father. When he’s visited by a group of mysterious guests claiming to be his father’s associates, Marco knows something is off. Before he knows it, he’s whisked away on a one-way flight to Korea with an eccentric assassin with Machiavellian objectives on his tail, leaving a trail of violence in his wake.

A neo-noir, non-stop nail-biter, The Childe features some of the most insane, gravity-defying action you’ll see this year, with slick, larger-than-life characters, touches of dark humour, and one of the most unhinged antagonists in recent memory.

Fantasia International Film Festival 2023
Sitges Film Festival 2023

  • Rating

    Unclassified 18+

  • Country

    South Korea

  • Runtime

    118 Mins

  • Director

    Park Hoon-jung

  • Language

    Korean (English subtitles)

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