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The Innocents (De Uskyldige)

The Innocents

Set in an estate of enormous housing complexes, playgrounds and nearby forests, The Innocents follows the lives of a group of young children over a bright Nordic summer. Away from parental supervision, the children form close bonds as they realise their own special abilities and hone their supernatural skills. One seems to be able to move objects with their mind, while another can read others' thoughts. As the children become more powerful, playtime takes a dark turn and the line between childhood innocence and ruthless cruelty becomes opaque. 

Shocking, imaginative, and extreme in all the right ways, Norwegian director Eskil Vogt (co-writer of current arthouse sensation The Worst Person in the World) has created an unsettling nightmare. Led by a remarkable ensemble of first-time child actors, The Innocents will have you side-eyeing anyone under twelve, if you don’t already.

Audience Rating

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  • Director

    Eskil Vogt

  • Language

    Norwegian (English subtitles)

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