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The Last Berliner (Der Letzte Mieter)

The Last Berliner

Australian Premiere

The last un-renovated building in a trendy Berlin neighbourhood is being vacated. The former tenants are moving out, but Dietmar refuses to budge. His son Tobias tries convincing him to move into social housing. However, his father resists and the situation between Tobias, Dietmar, and the building's realtor, who seems to be there by chance, escalates and gets completely out of hand.

A highly suspenseful and compelling hostage thriller about the issue of gentrification – and the good souls who lose along the way. Nail-biting and tragic right until its very surprising end.

Festival Appearances/Awards:

2019 Manchester Film Festival


German (English subtitles)

Content Warnings: 

Graphic violence, coarse language.


Audience Rating

  • Rating

    Unclassified 18+

  • Director

    Gregor Erler

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