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The Ordinaries

The Ordinaries

In a repressive three class-society, Paula, a simple Supporting Character, is about to face the most important test of her life: she has to prove she deserves to be a Lead. She is at the top of her class at the Main Character School – but so far has failed to generate great emotional music. In search of a solution, she finds herself in the abyss of the cinematic world, on the fringes of the storyline and lost amongst the Outtakes. 

Finding legions of fans across the European festival scene, this wildly inventive film uses its meta references, musical numbers and Hollywood Golden Age aesthetic to tell a decidedly strange adventure of self-discovery, classism and conformity.  

Audience Rating

  • Rating


  • Country


  • Runtime

    120 Mins

  • Director

    Sophie Linnenbaum

  • Language

    German (English subtitles)

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