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The Origin

The Origin

The year is 45,000 BC. A disparate gang of early humans band together in search of a new land and a better life. They embark on a perilous quest across the unknown, but once they arrive, it’s clear that this is no Garden of Eden. Death and decay surround them and when night falls, the group realise that there’s an unimaginable creature stalking them in the dark. The terrified clan is forced to confront a danger they never envisaged as a brutal fight for survival ensues.  

Shot in the stunning Scottish Highlands, and spoken in an expressive fictional language, The Origin utilises its impeccable attention to historical detail to challenge long-held beliefs about man’s Stone Age past. 

Audience Rating

  • Rating


  • Country

    United Kingdom

  • Runtime

    87 Mins

  • Director

    Andrew Cumming

  • Language

    Fictional 'Tola' language (English subtitles)

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