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The Penultimate (Den Næstsidste)

The Penultimate

In this demented re-imaging of Alice in Wonderland, an insignificant water inspector arrives to audit an isolated housing complex, only to become imprisoned in its labyrinthian walls. Trapped with its unsavoury inhabitants, a Kafkaesque descent into the abyss ensues as the clerk must traverse increasingly harrowing and bizarre ordeals in order to escape from his seemingly incomprehensible prison. 

A truly remarkable piece of pitch-black absurdist humour, The Penultimate is a grotesque cryptic world unlike any other put to screen. A true backroom nightmare born from concrete, every aspect of the film is directed with the finest of detail. An unmissable cinematic expression of the Theatre of the Absurd, the symbolism applied in The Penultimate challenges us to examine the very fabric of human existence.

Audience Rating

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  • Country


  • Director

    Jonas Kærup Hjort

  • Language

    Danish (English subtitles)

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