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The Raid (2011) — 4K Restoration

The Raid (2011) — 4K Restoration

Serbuan maut

A slam-bang, knock-your-socks-off action bonanza with some of the most peerlessly shot, performed and choreographed fight sequences you’re likely to see on screen.”— LA Times

Rama (Iko Uwais) is a rookie member of a special forces team trapped in the 30-story-high safe house of a notorious crimelord. What starts as a covert operation quickly unravels into a breathtaking battle of survival against highly trained goons as the squad traverses the building floor-by-floor, punch-by-punch.

The most propulsive 100 minutes in action cinema history, with backbreakingly intense fight choreography showcasing the traditional Indonesian martial form of pencak silat, The Raid was a bonafide classic on arrival. Every punch, kick and grapple hits even harder in this brand new 4K restoration, which turns the intensity up to a whole new level.

Sundance Film Festival 2012
Toronto International Film Festival 2011

  • Rating


  • Country


  • Runtime

    101 Mins

  • Director

    Gareth Evans

  • Language

    Indonesian (English subtitles)

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