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The Survival of Kindness

The Survival of Kindness

Harking the triumphant return of Rolf de Heer (The Tracker, Ten Canoes and Charlie’s Country), one of Australia's most celebrated filmmakers, The Survival of Kindness is a captivating and elemental journey across a plague-ravaged wilderness. Astutely using allegory to analyse race and privilege, the film follows protagonist BlackWoman, as she walks through pestilence and persecution, from desert to mountain to city, only to encounter ever increasing adversity.  

Led by a captivating performance from newcomer Mwajemi Hussein, the film unfurls as an epic wordless parable across a dark and abstract vision of Australia. With moments of horror, violence, and compassion, The Survival of Kindness is a singular piece of moving image poetry. 

Audience Rating

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  • Runtime

    96 Mins

  • Director

    Rolf De Heer

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