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In the near future, 19-year-old twin brothers Lázaro and Tristán are training together to sit the entrance test for the Astronaut Academy, whose next expedition is likely to change the course of human history. During a training session a cosmic object crashes near the boys, contaminating Tristán with a mysterious residue that leaves him permanently altered. The disaster rips their family apart as Lázaro must let go of how he remembers his brother in a world that has no room for difference.  

The feature debut from Édouard Salier, who’s worked on music videos Massive Attack and Metronomy, as well as commercials for Nike and Coca-Cola, Tropic uses its horror and sci-fi setting to set the stage for a philosophical examination of trauma, shame, and the essence of what makes us human. 

Screens with short film Ecorchée.

  • Rating


  • Country


  • Runtime

    100 Mins

  • Director

    Édouard Salier

  • Language

    French, Spanish (English subtitles)

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