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Absolute Denial

Absolute Denial

David has locked himself away from the outside world to build a computer of unprecedented power. He’s a genius programmer who works day and night on this monolithic project in an off-the-grid warehouse. The obsession threatens to destroy his personal and professional life, but he knows there's more at stake. As the project pushes David to his mental and physical limits, he’s forced to confront the problem of a machine that may be much smarter than himself. 

Frankenstein for a digital age, this remarkable hand-animated debut feature from Ryan Braund is a stroke of artistic and conceptual genius. Taking cues from the AI cinematic canon - from 2001: A Space Odyssey to Ex Machina - Absolute Denial does away with the high-tech underground bases and futuristic industry for something much more analogue; tangled wires, rickety servers, an old warehouse and the pencil strokes of a madman trying to change the world. 

Screens with Immaculate Virtual short.

Co-presented by the Sydney Science Fiction Film Festival.

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  • Country

    United Kingdom

  • Director

    Ryan Braund

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