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All My Friends Hate Me

All My Friends Hate Me

30-something Pete is cautiously excited about a reunion with his college friends, taking place for a birthday bash getaway at a lavish country manor. Since working overseas Pete has grown distant from his friends; he’s prepared himself for some good-natured ribbing, heavy drinking and an uncomfortable walk down memory lane. However, as soon as he arrives something feels off about the affair.

He seems to be the target of strangely direct jokes, misunderstandings, and microaggressions: he is unable to shake the fear that his youthful friendships aren’t – or maybe never were – what he thought. To make matters worse, Pete’s friends arrive at the manor with a local stranger who seems to be revelling in his discomfort and studying him a bit too intensely. It’s unclear if this is his own insecurities getting the better of him or if the weekend is about to take a sinister turn…

A delightfully awkward dark comedy that doubles as a razor-sharp psycho-horror, All My Friends Hate Me captures a potent, and surprisingly timely, fear: if I haven’t seen my friends for several years and then try to reconnect with them, will they think I'm a twit? 

Screens with It’s Alright short.

  • Rating


  • Country

    United Kingdom

  • Director

    Andrew Gaynord

  • Language


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