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Witness the cinematic world of provocateurs and IRL brother and sister duo Betsey Brown (The Scary of Sixty-First) and FFFA alumni Peter Vack (PVT Chat) in our double-feature screening of Assholes and Actors. Two of the most transgressive contemporary American filmmakers, Brown and Vack’s work is deeply demented, highly volatile and absolutely hysterical. The double-feature captures a demented timeline of their relationship as reality and satire become impossible to distinguish. The duo exchange any scene of ‘taste’ for pure cinematic pandemonium… and the results are glorious.

Assholes plays out as a grotesque rom-com about two lovers (played by Betsey Brown and Jack Dunphy) who share an anal fetish, an addiction to amyl, and a demon spawn. The most controversial film of 2017’s SXSW Film Festival and probably one of the most obscene films ever made, Assholes is a cinematic experience like no other. However, beyond the gross-out proceedings you’ll find a true piece of radical art.

Tickets to Actors sold separately.
Q&A with Betsey and Peter after the 8:30pm screening of Actors. 

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