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Good Madam (Mlungu Wam)

Good Madam

Tsidi, a single mother grieving the death of her grandmother, is forced to move back to her childhood home with her daughter. The house is where Tsidi’s mother Mavis lives as the caretaker of a large estate in a well-off suburb of Capetown. She’s worked there most of Tsidi’s life, diligently serving the enigmatic owner Madam Diane. Nothing is to be touched or moved lest the new tenants make their presence known to the bedridden Madam. Tsidi senses ominous energy permeating from the home's manicured walls, and strange happenings soon evolve into supernatural dangers. Tsidi finds Mavis’ unwavering obedience to the bedridden Madam deeply unsettling, and tries to heal her fractured family… with sinister and unexpected consequences. 

Jenna Cato Bass and Babalwa Baartman wrote Good Madam’s script in collaboration with the film’s actors, transforming a legacy of generational trauma and racism into a bone-chilling horror satire and one of the best haunted house films in recent memory. 

Screens with Let’s Fall in Love short.

Audience Rating

  • Rating


  • Country

    South Africa

  • Director

    Jenna Cato Bass

  • Language

    English, Xhosa (English subtitles)

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