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Socially awkward Patrick is the handyman in his father's remote nudist colony. When his father suddenly dies the colony is thrown into turmoil, but Patrick has other things on his mind. His hammer has gone missing somewhere within the camp. His quest to retrieve it takes him to the farthest corners of the grounds as insurrection starts to brew and the residents bid for control of the camp.

With a level of nudity that has to be seen to be believed, Tim Mielants (Peaky Blinders) strips the characters bare in this Shakespearean tragi-comedy about people's peculiarities, letting go and self-acceptance.

Select screenings of Patrick - Sat 24 April 7:30pm (cinema 4) at Lido Cinemas and Sun 25 April 4pm (cinema 5) at Ritz Cinemas - are nude sessions. See the event listing for details. 

Screens with El Triste

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  • Director

    Tim Mielants

  • Language

    English, Dutch, French (English Subtitles)

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