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The Deep Dark

The Deep Dark

Gueules Noires 

“...A taut genre exercise in fear and tension, The Deep Dark in its best moments leaves us as breathless as it does its motley collection of desperate, trapped miners” — Alexandra Heller-Nicholas

In 1956, a crew of hardened coalminers are forced to escort a professor on an expedition into a cave one thousand meters beneath the surface. Trapped by a landslide and with no way out, they unseal an abandoned crypt, uncovering a godlike creature of Lovecraftian horror that reveals the true purpose of their mission.

Evoking horror classics like The Thing and The Descent, this claustrophobic creature feature grows more tense and intriguing as director Mathieu Turi delves deeper into the catacombs, crafting the kind of subterranean thriller that feels lost to time. The Deep Dark is the kind of creature feature that would always catch your eye at the video store as a kid, and somehow lived up to your most horrific hopes.

Fantastic Fest USA 2023
Sitges Film Festival 2023

Screens with short Ancient Lore

  • Rating

    Unclassified 18+

  • Country


  • Runtime

    102 Mins

  • Director

    Mathieu Turi

  • Language

    French (English Subtitles)

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