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Pre-Feature Short Films

Pre-Feature Short Films


Germany •  2023  •  6 min  •  Director - Patrick Müller
Troubled waters and accursed thaumaturges: Lovecraft’s haunting vision of the sea and the unfathomable mysteries that lie within its depths, but also the ancient lore hidden beneath the waters.
Screens with The Deep Dark


Australia  •  2023  •  10 min  •  Director - Andrew John James Seaton
Astronots is a short comedy about two astronauts about to take off on a vital mission to Mars. One of them has inextricably fumbled his way through training and ended up in the most important seat in the universe.
Screens with Mars Express


Philippines  •  2022  •  16 min  •  Director - Whammy Alcazaren
Trapped at home during the pandemic, Bold suffers an existential crisis of the self and finally confronts his daddy issues. Together with his talking cat and with the help of some hallucinogenic drugs, Bold takes a deep dive into the chaos of the Internet.
Content warning: contains graphic nudity and sex.
Screens with Divinity


Spain •  2023  •  14 min  •  Director - Chus Lara
Set in 13th-century Toledo, the two friends, Lope Sandoval and Alonso de Carrillo, engage in a deadly duel at midnight for the love of Inés de Tordesillas.
Screens with The Vourdalak


France •  2023  •  15 min  •  Director - Martin Gouzou
Grégoire Samsa is a solitary young man, a building caretaker, always ready to help everyone in order to exist. Scorned, even by his adoptive mother, Grégoire will begin an uncontrolled mutation.
Screens with Hood Witch


FRANCE  •  2023  •  19 min  •  Director - Jehnny Beth & Iris Chassaigne
For the past 548 days, A has been absent from her own life, unable to feel anything. One night, J appears and takes her along with her, looking for ways to make her heart beat again. Stranger is a musical tale, the story of an awakening.
Screens with Once Within a Time


UK  •  2023  • 16 min  •  Director - Faye Jackson
Jay wakes up dead - obviously murdered - and discovers that everything the agency told him about becoming a zombie was a lie.
Screens with The Last Stop in Yuma County


Australia •  2023  •  15 min  •  Director - Callum Moore
When Maya is dragged out to a desolate country home by her fiancé Lucas, she begins to realise the pitfalls of her relationship through strange manifestations of their older selves.
Screens with The Brazen

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