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The Vourdalak

The Vourdalak

Le Vourdalak

“A dark, delicious fairytale fantasy brought to life with profound emotional integrity, The Vourdalak breathes new life into the far-too-often pedestrian vampire movie.” — Alexandra Heller-Nicholas

Lost in a hostile forest, the Marquis d’Urfé, a noble emissary of the King of France, finds refuge in the home of a strange family whose patriarch, away at war, returns in the form of the vampiric Vourdalak.

Based on A.K. Tolstoy’s classic gothic novella, a proto-vampire story preceding Stoker’s Dracula by 50 years, The Vourdalak is a refreshing depiction of the iconic horror monster that is unafraid to embrace its gothic roots. Reminiscent of old school Jean Rollin and Hammer Horror, with authentically vintage 70s vibes, The Vourdalak is just as dreamy as it is scary.  

Venice International Film Festival 2023 – Critics’ Week
Sitges Film Festival 2023

Screens with short The Christ of the Skull

  • Rating

    Unclassified 18+

  • Country


  • Runtime

    90 Mins

  • Director

    Adrien Beau

  • Language

    French (English subtitles)

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