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What Josiah Saw

What Josiah Saw

Everyone in town knows about the old Graham farm on Willow Road. Some claim the house is still haunted, cursed by its disturbing history. Joshua and his youngest son Thomas are the only ones from the strange family to remain at the decrepit estate. But now Josiah has terrifying visions from beyond – and he decides it's high time to right the wrongs of the past. After being away for over two decades, Eli and Mary, Josiah's eldest children, are enticed to sell the property and reunite at the old farmhouse one last time in hopes of closing this haunting chapter of their lives for good. A crescendo of horror ensues as the demented patriarch - played by Robert Patrick, the former Terminator T-1000 - makes sure the family's sins are paid in full.

Played out in four sections, the film recounts how each member of the Graham family grapples with the traumas suffered during childhood. Director Vincent Grashaw delivers an epic modern gothic fable that gives even Mike Flanagan (Haunting of Hillhouse, Midnight Mass) a run for his money. The evil conjured here will haunt you long after the credits roll.

Screens with In the Soil short.

Watch: What Josiah Saw director Vincent Grashaw is in conversation with Fantastic FIlm Festival Australia artistic director Hudson Sowada.

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  • Country

    United States

  • Director

    Vincent Grashaw

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